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Cecilia de Rafael Barbara

Cecilia de Rafael

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Cecilia de Rafael 

Barbara Bas

100% Nylon Stockings

Cecilia de Rafael's Barbara Bas, 100% Nylon Stockings. These are exquisite. Slightly reinforced toe, sheer heel, these feel fabulous next to your skin. They do require a garter belt. These are available in seven stylish colors. 100% Nylon has little to no stretch so choose your size carefully. 

Black: There is probably nothing sexier than a pair of sheer black stockings!

Red: Turn up the heat you sexy devil. Red stockings add a flame to your romantic evening!

Lavanda: Pale Blue with the tiniest hint of lavender, these are flirty and fun!

Natural: Nude stockings that pretty much go with anything, and compliment your legs naturally!

Moreno: Tan and shiny to make you look your best. Perfect for the boardroom or the bedroom!

Te: A little lighter tan for those times you want a hint of color to keep them guessing!

Ciruela: A playful purple for your perfectly pampered legs. 

I get shipments every few weeks so if I don't have your size or favorite color in stock let me know and I will personally order them for you! 

We are an Official Cecilia de Rafael Boutique!