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Valentine's Day Red and Purple Stockings Free Gift with Purchase

Our Valentine's Special will be buy any three items and get a free pair of Cecilia de Rafael Barbara stockings in red or purple our gift to you.

Do not add the stockings to your cart. Instead once the order is placed and paid for we will contact you before shipping your order to ask what size and color you want.

We have enough in stock at the moment in most sizes, but in case we are out of your size (for example we are out of medium at the moment) we will back order your free pair and send it free of shipping once they arrive. 

We have small, large and extra large in stock in red and small and extra large in purple. For the purple if you are a large but don't want to wait for our next shipment, you might actually prefer the extra large as they sit higher up on the leg. Of course that is your choice. 

These are the finest 100% Nylon Stockings for the price you will own. They feel just as luxurious than a more expensive brand which everyone seems to buy a lot of. Why pay $21.99 a pair just to have a name on the welt? These are light, sheer, and 20 denier and made from 100% non-stretch nylon. Perfect for pin ups, photo shoots, boudoir photography or even romancing your date.