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Valentine's Day Guide to a Perfect Evening In With Gordon Ramsay and Us

Do you want to have a romantic and sexy Valentine's Day? Stockings will make your Valentine's Day romantic, sexy and fun. We have stocking specials for you! 

Valentines Day is in less than two months. Do you want another bland dinner out at some chain restaurant followed by a movie and maybe some fun when you get home if you aren't too tired or full from dinner to do much more than go to bed?

We put together a romantic plan for you to have a perfect evening in, which will leave plenty of time for romance. 

Decorate the house with candles especially the dinner table. Have enough candles to give off a nice light, not too dark not to bright. Next prepare a special dinner and dessert. Gordon Ramsay has some great recipes that are simple to make, and delicious.  Here are some favorites. 

Dinner and Dessert with Gordon Ramsay:





Next, get your stockings from us!

1. Cecilia de Rafael Barbara Bas

Sheer, 100 % Nylon. Inexpensive and in playful colors for a sexy affair.

2. Gio Stockings

Gio reinforced heel and toe stockings are the middle of the road in price, but they are very elegant and well worth the cost. These are not only for indoors but also perfect for work and enjoying a night out on the town.

3. Gio Fully Fashioned

The Gio fully fashioned stocking is the most luxurious hosiery we carry. Vintage 1950's style seamed hosiery from the same machines that have been in use for over half a century. Pure extravagance.  

Stockings make the perfect gift for Valentine's Day!

We have provided the blueprint, the rest is up to you!