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The Walking Dead Zombie Fashion Advice TWD AMC Pantyhose Are Your Friend

Surprisingly I am a fan of the show The Walking Dead, and yes this season has been brutal so far, but I am not here to discuss Negan and Lucille and the toll they are taking on our favorite characters, but rather why nobody in the so called zombie apocalypse has the fashion sense to wear hosiery?

Now I'm not just talking about the characters who are alive, but also the Walkers. I mean think about it, chances are, especially since the plague/disease spread so rapidly that there were women (and possibly men) wearing hosiery when they turned. 99 percent of the Walkers I see are dressed like they just attended a Grateful Dead show or were leftovers from Woodstock. As Seinfeld famously said, "Not that there's anything wrong with that." It is just that a well dressed Walker wouldn't be out of place, I mean downtown Atlanta was overcome fairly quickly and I don't remember seeing that many business women dressed really nicely. 

As far as characters who are still alive, hosiery offers warmth, protection from insects (or so some hunters and fisherman claim, wink wink nudge nudge) and also they would make you look hella badass if you wore some of my more colorful styles with your zombie butt kicking outfit. If you have ever watched the Towering Inferno you know they can also be used as a rope. Did you get a run in yours? Try these other survival uses for your pantyhose: replacing a fan belt on an older model car, strangling someone with a pair, washing Walker blood off a window, and even as a weapon by turning several pair into a bola as the guys over at Happy Preppers did. (   

I know a lot of trans people and drag queens, being a very LGBT friendly store, and they are some of the nicest customers I have. That being said, odds are, statistically speaking, at least 3 of the major characters over the past 7 seasons have been closet cross dressers if we are to believe the 10 percent rule. I know who I'd put my money on (Eugene I'm looking in your direction), but what are your thoughts on this?  Who do you think secretly likes to wear hosiery? What style would they wear? Did The Governor have something else hidden in that closet? I don't know.

I am ordering some really cool zombie kicking/ walker wearing tights to arrive next month. They will be in awesome shades of green's and browns to accentuate your outfit AND help you blend into the woods should yo need to hide from a pack of Walkers or Chris Hardwick. 

Remember it is better to look good than to feel good! Right Fernando!